Our Purposes

The Achieving Standards of Excellence Foundation has a name that speaks to its main purpose, that of promoting, recognizing and rewarding the achievement of excellence in academics. The Foundation promotes high levels of academic success at the elementary, middle and high school level. Specifically the Foundation grants scholarships, recognizes high performing middle school students via our Scholars’ Tea, offers college preparation workshops to high school students and provides students living in high poverty areas of the city with school supplies twice yearly through their schools and/or social service agencies in their communities.

The Foundation has a second purpose, namely mentoring to young ladies. This effort is currently conducted under the auspices of our AKAdette program which serves 20-30 high school young ladies who remain in the group through graduation and receive a combination of knowledge, skill and community service provider experiences during their participation.

A third purpose of the Achieving Standards of Excellence Foundation is that of serving the community. To this end, the Foundation assists several groups throughout the year with food give-aways, Christmas toy sorting and bagging, and tutoring.